Conferendo for Windows

For Windows Version 6.6.0 (10,2Mb)

Now compatible with Windows 8

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8;
  • CPU clock 700Mhz or more and 128Mb RAM;
  • At least 64kb/s connection in both directions;
  • Webcam or microphone/headset.

Free Conferendo Features   Compare →

A free version of Conferendo has all you need for video conferencing with friends, search, recording and broadcasting yourself.

  • V Video Calls One-on-One
  • V Video Conferences 3x3 and 1x20
  • V Video Broadcasting
  • V Video, Audio & Text Messaging
  • V Mobile video chat Conferendo
  • V Recording and Playback
  • V Conferendo Webclient & Widgets
  • V All features of Conferendo community
  • V Free updates for all Conferendo products

Conferendo Plus $9.95/month

A plus version has all premium feature Conferendo could offer.

  • V Video Conferences 6x6 and 2x120
  • V Role Based Video Conferences
  • V My Guests Subscription
  • V Customer Care

Video Conference

Text Chat

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