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Conferendo 6.6.0: Enjoy Interactive Chatting with New Design

In December 2015 the latest version of a free video chat – Conferendo 6.6.0 became available for all users of devices on Windows platform.

Download Conferendo 6.6.0

New visual interface including redesigned buttons and icons is the main part of the update. Now chatting from your touchscreen device gets even more comfortable. User avatars, supported in the latest version of Conferendo allow you to find contacts in the Address Book just in a blink of an eye.

Users who got used to communicate via text messages now can send messages while making a video call. Forget about switching between the screens of your device. This new feature allows you to hold a conversation with both text and video in full screen.

Feel free to share content showing desktop on your device as well as streaming video from the camera. With Conferendo 6.6.0 you can also comment on different documents and files online, not to mention recording of the content streamed to your device screen, using Record Video Conference feature.

What’s New in Conferendo 6.6.0:

●     New application design.

●     Search for contacts in the Address Book.

●     Support of user avatars in the Address Book.

●     Added screen and applications video capture.

●     Improved application behavior in Full Screen mode.

●     Added Export of Chat History into a text document file.

●     Improved sound and video quality.

●     Added conference recording feature.

●     Compatible with devices on the latest version of Windows platform.

For more information, please contact us by Email: info@conferendo.com.

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Download Conferendo 6.6.0


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