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Posted on 2/2/2016 by Melania Alekseeva
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Tags: мудаки

Если вас кто-то достает постоянно, то при очередном его или её звонке просто нажмите кнопочку с жёлтым кружком в некрасивой красной рамке.


Теперь чудак заблокирован и уже не позвонит


Всем peace

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Давно пора!

Posted on 10/5/2015 by Andre/Андрей/เอ็นดี้

Пришла инфа, что всех кто выкладывает аватары с изображением "своего достоинства" теперь банят автоматом и без предупредения. Давно пора!

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Posted on 5/7/2014 by KaBaJIeP

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Posted on 4/17/2014 by ario110
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He aha e kore e taea e ahau tango hononga toku Facebook

Posted on 3/28/2014 by develdevel

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Много музыкальнозамечательного

Posted on 3/26/2014 by Andre/Андрей/เอ็นดี้
Tags: видео

Всем пис бро


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hello world

Posted on 12/17/2013 by KaBaJIeP

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Posted on 11/16/2013 by Natalia Gale

my name is Natalia from England, i met Dr Dahiru through a friend who was helped by him. It happened 3 months back when my husband left me for another woman. We have been married for a couple of years and we were about to get married. But suddenly I noticed changes in him like he doesn’t eat at home; he doesn’t come home on time and doesn’t sleep with me the way he used to do before. I used to ask him what went wrong but he answers me with a shout at me. The situation worsens that he doesn’t come home again and she started dating another woman. I was confused and unhappy, that was when i narrated the problem to my friend and he introduced me to great Dr Dahiru .I discussed with Dr Dahiru and he told me not to worry. he has he has been bewitched by the woman he was dating. Dr Dahiru gave me 3 days after he has contacted his oracle and made some sacrifices to his great oracles. To my greatest surprise my husband came home within two days and begged for forgiveness because he has done something bad to me. i want to thank the great Dr Dahiru for what he did in my life. My husband and i are happy back .I recommend him for my friends in this kind of situation that he his the best spell caster. He can be contacted via his email address. or his mobile +2348074601888.more grease to your elbow Dr DAHIRU

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Привет мой пост который будет очень длинный

Posted on 10/27/2013 by KaBaJIeP

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hello all conferondo friends

Posted on 8/26/2013 by 7x2dd

my name is Naiel from Algeria I want make friendship relations with peoples from the world many thank's

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